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In December 1992 the village administrator of Gulcz received a letter from Ms. Mae Kobishop from Stevens Point, Wisconsin USA.
In the letter one can read: "... The newly organized Polish-American Group is wholeheartedly greeting the Village Administrator.
he aim of our organization is to establish a "twin relationship" and contact between Gulcz and Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
We have chosen Gulcz because in the second half of the 18th century many immigrants from Gulcz and its surroundings settled down in the Stevens Point region, Portage County, Wisconsin.
For a long period of time the primary settlers have been loosing contacts with their families and country. Thus we want to establish and renew close connection between Stevens Point and Gulcz...
...We are seriously interested in that matter and we are waiting for a positive answer. We intend to visit Gulcz in the spring of 1993 with a few persons from our organization, so as to exchange the town keys with the village administrator of Gulcz on behalf of the mayor of Stevens Point..."
Pod listem widniał podpis Pani Mae Kobishop.

In May 1993 it was our privilege to have as guests Ms. Mae Kobishop and Mrs. Audrey Somers from Stevens Point. Our nice guests brought the proclamation of Mr. Scott Schultz, the mayor of Stevens Point, which they handed to Mr. Arkadiusz Goraczka, the village administrator of Gulcz. The village also received a commemorative album titled "For Our Twin Town Gulcz, Poland from Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 United States of America." The album contains many commemorative photographs beginning from the period when the first immigrants from Poland came to USA up to nowadays. There are also plenty of church documents (certificates of baptism, marriage, and death) as well as copies of the waybills from the ships on which the immigrants traveled. The family trees of the Polish families from Stevens Point are also worthy of admiration.
We also found out from that exquisite album that in our twin town there operates a group that performs Polish folk dances and which is called "Wisla Polish Folk Dancers."
Thanks to our friends from Steven Points we have been a member of the International Organisation of Twin Cities since August 13, 1995. It is a great honor and distinction for us.
From the time of the first visit in Gulcz Ms. Mae Kobishop and Mrs. Audrey Somers have been visiting us regularly every two years. Those events are always a holiday for the village inhabitants. We all gather in our village hall at the meeting with the nice guests. We receive them in a nice warm atmosphere.
It has already become a tradition that tourists coming from Stevens Point and its neighborhood to Poland want to visit Gulcz. Mr. Skrzypinski always helps them as their guide and interpreter.
We are waiting with great impatience for the prospective visits of the nice guests from the twin town. Mr. and Mrs. Somers and Ms. Mae Kobishop announced their next visit.
Dears! We invite you to Gulcz. Feel here at home.


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